We are a family of 3 but soon to be 4, Me, my other half Geoff, our sweet, crazy, gorgeous little boy, George and our new little bundle who isn’t due for arrival till July.

This blog is for mummies and daddies who enjoy the life of being a parent and everything that comes with it, but also they can read about experience they may have gone through themselves and know that they isn’t anything wrong with saying its a struggle sometimes.

My posts will be about all the fun, exciting things family life can bring and also the hard times. I’m going to try and be open about any experinces I may have with family and work.

I’m still learning about the whole blogging process, but I would like to share everything I discover. I have only recently started this site, but I have wanted to have a blog for a couple years, I thought this could be the place to express what my life is like after having a tough time with parenting and how I now feel like a confident parent for the first time.