Pregnancy Story

I’m sure a lot of women cant say this, but I knew pretty much straight away that I was pregnant, I don’t know how, I guess I just knew there was something different was going on with my body. when we done the 4 pregnancy test just because my partner didn’t believe me, I was only 6 weeks, so by the time we had our first scan I was 11 weeks and 3 days. There is no words I could use that would describe the feeling you get when you see your tiny little baby on a screen for the first time.

The biggest challenge was keeping it a secret from friends and family, especially from my mother, i guess it was mother’s instinct as she had a idea I might of been pregnant before i even told her. Since we didn’t want to tell anyone until we had our 15 weeks scan, trying to hide a growing bump (I started showing very early) wasn’t easy, we even had family ask us if we were going to have children soon, all we kept saying was “not quite yet!”


I had a easy time with my first pregnancy I didn’t have morning sickness for very long and it wasn’t even that bad. I didn’t even have any cravings, but I did go off some of my favourite food. there was never any complications and we always got told the baby was growing the rate “it” was supposed to. in a world were its now very common to find out the sex of the baby we decided not to, I think this bothered other people more than us, we often got told we HAD to find out just so they knew whether they should be buying pink or blue. why it is such a big deal for people to know if you are having a boy or girl? why cant things be kept secret no more?

As someone who has always knew they wanted children, I was beyond excited at the thought I was pregnant, I absolutely loved every second of carrying a baby, it has been the only time where I have felt comfortable in my own skin.

At 41 weeks, exactly a week over my due date, George was born at 12.58am 17/10/2013. I cant wrap my head around the fact he will be a 3 year old soon, where the hell did my little baby go? As soon as he was born, I always got told, time will fly and he won’t be a baby for long, my god everyone was right!.





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