Car Seat Decision!

I think for us, this was probably the easiest decision to make, most people wouldn’t agree with me, as there is so many to choose from, it is difficult to pick something that is a huge importance to your child’s safety. Lucky for me, my partner is car mad so for us we know exactly what car seat our child would end up having , in fact we knew what make we would get as soon as we found out I was pregnant. The option we went for was a Recaro Young Sport Hero, which is the picture inserted.


The reason we opted for the Recaro is, not only being a well known name, we think it is the safest make of car seat we could possibly find. The particular reason we choose this one is because it should last George till his is at least 12 year old, we found this reassuring as George is not a big child, he is slim and quite small, due to the padding even he can find comfortable in it and we don’t have to worry about his head hanging forward if he falls asleep in it, as you can even tilt the seat slightly. This sides have extra padding, the only downside to this is it can be a tight squeeze if someone sits in the middle seat, but for us this really isn’t a problem.

It wasn’t the cheapest car seat, but also not the most expensive as we only paid £165.00, for us this defiantly money well spend, compared to some other makes out there, you could spend a fortune and not get as good quality. I have found this out while helping my parents look for a car seat for their car, I even suggested the same make car seat as us, but for them as George wasn’t going to be using it all the time, they decided on a cheaper make, as long as my child is safe I am perfectly fine with this.

I would highly recommend Recaro to anyone, if we choose to ever have another child, I will be going to Recaro straight away!. F0r our family this is defiantly the best decision. I’m going to be leaving a link below of the recaro website.

Thank you for reading.

L x





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