Will it ever end?

If you had asked me a few months ago what George was like at bedtime, I would have said he wasn’t to bad, he is a good sleeper…this was a lie.

George has never been the easiest at bedtime, well not for me anyway. Recently this has reached a whole new level, we are lucky if he is in bed and asleep before 10pm, he can go all day without having a nap even this doesn’t help. I have tried making sure he has a routine but its got to be just and him in the house otherwise he gets too excited when his dad comes home. Its fair to say, George is a mama’s boy, especially when he gets remotely tired, he even went through a phase where he wouldn’t even go near his dad and would only want me, after months of little man not going to sleep till late then waking up early, this has resulted in me being one very tired mama. I feel as though I’m not giving George the best version of me as parent. He needs be to better then some grumpy, tired mother whose patience is running thin.

This post isn’t going to be about me blabbing on about getting no sleep, as I’m sure every parent has gone through this or maybe still getting very little sleep, but instead I’m asking for help….from you! I would be eternally grateful if anyone had any suggestions on how to try and have a bedtime routine that will benefit us all.

If you have any suggestions please send me a email or even message me on Instagram.

Thank you

L x


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