Traveling with a Toddler

The thought about traveling no matter who I am with can make me stressed, I don’t even know what causes it, I just start making a list in my head of all the possibilities that could go wrong. Lucky for me, on this trip I had my amazing parents with me and George absolutely loves his Grandparents. I always feel apprehensive on long car journeys with my little man as I like to know exactly what time we will be leaving, arriving even what time we stop for a break and if I feel like we are going to be late, I feel uncomfortable and I suppose slightly out of my comfort zone especially when everything is out of my control. this journey was a test of my patience also it threw me outside of my comfort zone, not only did none of us knew where we were going, neither did the satnav! now let me tell you there’s nothing worse then being lost with a toddler in the car, so you would think he would be the one whinging and complaining about being in the car to long….nooo it all came from me! i hate getting lost!!.

Despite all the little delays, it was all worth it when i saw how happy my Georgie Porgie was, he literally didn’t care that he had to sit in the car for an extra 40 minutes. Seeing his little face light up when chickens came up to the window was my highlight of the whole trip, its the simple things in life that makes us happy and without knowing it, children live by that.

I learned that my son can be a little dare devil, he may hate all the little calm rides but he loves the rides that should scare him, taking him on a log flume with his granddad was definitely an achievement, i thought he would hate it, but nope once again he surprises me and actually liked it. If you have children under 11 and want to take them to a theme park I would absolutely recommend Gulliver’s Kingdom

My must haves for any journey, 1) Dvd player – Most people think this is just a lazy way to look after a child, but let me tell you, its a simply way of keeping your child entertained and if it makes their journey that little bit better and more fun, then its really no big deal. 2) Wipes, wipes and more wipes – I learned my lesson with this one and completely forgot to put wipes in my bag, thank god for Nanna who always some, baby wipes are a live saver, they will clean anything, can be used for anything, i even use them for make up remover. 3) Toys – These will come in handy for your hotel room, i do recommend ones that you have ones dont make a noise, you do want to save your hearing! and finally Headphones(for both mama and child) these will be for when you have heard Thomas and Friends for the 100th time that day! plug them headphones into the dvd and bask in the silence. Mama needs headphones for car journeys so you don’t have to listen to your parents taste in music.




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