Back to reality

The week I have been dreading finally arrived, after having 6 weeks off work it was time to go back. while everyone was posting pictures of they childs first day of school, I was posting pictures of George is overalls ready to go and help his dad at work, if anyone read my first blog, then you will know Geoff is a mechanic, so yes for a couple hours a day George does go to work with his dad, but for us this is ideal, as my working hours are 12pm-1:30pm.  Since he was little, George has absolutely loved cars and loves helping his daddy fix them.

While I thought getting George back into a routine on a morning was going to be difficult, I wasn’t quite prepared for his bedtime routine, especially since over the holidays he just hasn’t wanted to go to bed, which has meant a lot of late nights and relatively early mornings for this mama. George’s biggest fear at the moment when it comes to bedtime is bugs and monsters! he just thinks they are hiding everywhere, lucky for George he has the best family as his great nan (“old nan nan” he likes to call her) give him a dreamcatcher, he even knew it helps keeps monsters away.(well obviously he did because he is the smartest kid ever!) Since then he hasn’t been to bad at bedtime, hopefully it lasts.

Its adventure time as we are off to Gulliver’s world on Sunday with my parents, but this does mean an overnight stay in a hotel, my god its more difficult to pack for one night then for full week! I hold my hands up I’m an over packer, I defiantly pack for any occasion. The only downside is Geoff is having to stay at home 😦 I have give him jobs to do, but whether he does them is a completely different matter.




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