Social anxiety?

Does anyone ever feel overwhelmed, nervous or possibly sheer panic just thinking about taking their toddler out in public alone? I do!
I don’t think i could even begin to explain to someone what goes through my head whenever I think about venturing into the big wild world with my little man, i may come across cool and calm but inside im a complete mess!
This week definitely put me out of my comfort zone, it was the week where me and my mam took George to see his first live show, Lazy Town. When the day finally approached, I spend most the morning in a world of my own, most people would think this would be an enjoyable experience for a toddler but my particular toddler has been going through a phase of hating the dark and loud noises, this is where panic kicks in! Will he enjoy it? Or is he going to scream the place down? It turns out George’s favourite parts were all dark and noisy! He was as well behaved as I hoped he would be.
I always realise after we have gone somewhere and George is happy and had the best time ever, that any anxiety I have is all down to me wondering what other people will think if George doesn’t behaviour or sit still or even listen to me. Im hoping that I will finally not care whatever other people think and to all the people who don’t like my tired toddler who refuses to settle down and screams at the top of his lungs, just be thankful you don’t have to listen to it on a daily basis 😊


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